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Pivot 560

As did:

In order to support a bonsai, you usually modify an existing rotor or improvise engineers by making one ... but a specially constructed tool will give you more satisfactions.


The largest with its 56 cm

Up to 100 kg without any problems

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Pivot 560 is not a normal rotor for televisions or cakes, designed to be light and used occasionally and with little weight ... it was built specifically to support your bonsai in the safest and most efficient way.

The galvanized steel construction allows to obtain the necessary stability thanks to the weight / dimension ratio of the base, while the 56 cm top will be perfect for medium to large bonsai works.


The special perimetrical bearing with steel balls allows a perfect rotation both to the lightest plants and to those with weights up to 100 kg (maximum guaranteed weight) distributing it over the whole rotating surface without the top being able to tilt and overturn for example when a tree has an important inclination.

Not afraid of heavyweights

and the large size
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You will always remember what the precise front is!


We thought it could be convenient to have a front line that you can always remember exactly what is the right one, and using a strap it will be easy to position it in the correct inclination using the handrails placed on the perimeter ...

Find belts like these for a few euros on amazon


The only one that allows you to tie the plant
very convenient if pivot 560 is installed on your cart.

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PIVOT 560 is built to allow you to work on the bonsai without having to hold the rotor, however if you need more precision you can insert a block.

When you have to tie up you can put the brake on

Rubberized top:

A bonsai can be very heavy, we don't always have someone to help us and we have to do it ourselves.

This may mean having to swipe the jar from one shelf to another and this requires some abrasion resistance. The material we used to coat all our rotating tables is composed of super abrasion-resistant polymers but at the same time soft enough to allow the feet of the vase to anchor to the top after a few moments. the right compromise between grip and usability.

kit cross page

A handle allows you to conveniently transport and fix it to the wall in the laboratory

Positioning kit

Designed with a dual function

Pivot pro is sold with a fixing bracket that allows you to use it even on different levels from tables or desks, for example on the most used trolley from us, so you don't need to buy a new table but you can make what you already have UN PROFESSIONAL TOOL!

gif pivot kit cross.gif

With 4 self-drilling screws the base is installed on your old trolley in 5 minutes



When you have to tie up you can put the brake on

negozio pivot


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By popular demand we have produced the latest
20 PIVOT 560
- 29/04 only 6 pcs available

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