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NEW ARCO BONSAI in introductory price for clubs in kits of 4 tables (499 euros)


A new model of "light" coffee table  for only 149 € x1 piece and IN ASSEMBLY KIT at 549x4 pieces with a single shipment to be assembled on arrival.

Differences with the Plus model:

1-The top rotates only if you press the pedal lightly (otherwise it is already braked).

2-It has a 40 cm top in painted phenolic wood instead of a 56 cm rubberized one

3- the pedal is not rubberized.


The extension can be purchased separately, the heights are always the same, a good product for those who want to contain their spending or for clubs that need more tables.

Schermata 2022-04-17 alle 11.17.16.png

No product

You can order the extension separately to reach the following sizes:

Schermata 2022-04-24 alle 19.15.47.png
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